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About Us

Who we are

SimplyTravel.co.za is an independently run, private company comprising travel consultants, web specialists, computer programmers, travel writers, product developers and videographer specialists.

Our offices are situated in Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa. We are an enthusiastic travel and 'web-centric' group with a passion for travel and a desire to share this passion with you - our customer.

At Simply Travel we are passionate about what we do – helping you book your perfect holiday.

Here are some of the reasons you can trust us to book the best possible holiday for you.

·  We offer you our best price guarantee. You simply won’t find a better price anywhere else and we’ll go out of our way to find the right package to suit your particular needs and budget.

·  We give you real, honest, first-hand advice. All of our team members have traveled extensively - they’ve accumulated more than 60 hotel stays and 50 hotel visits. They’ve experienced the food, stayed in the rooms, walked on the beach, enjoyed a cocktail and swum in the pool; they’ve travelled on their own, with their partners and with their kids.

·  We pass what we know on to you and that equals better value for your money. Besides regular hotel inspections, our team receives weekly training from the hotels which means they’re always up to date on details like hotel renovations and room refurbishments. They know which hotels to temporarily avoid and which ones are offering the best value at any given time.

·  Our consultants understand what this holiday means to you and we have carefully selected the resorts that we offer to you.  We’re completely independent so our recommendations to you are 100% no-strings-attached. We don’t have to “push” in-house packages, nor are we required to meet group sales targets for in-house hotels.

·  We have great relationships with the resorts and that allows us to go the extra mile for you. We’ll do our best to organise your special requests and add those little bonus extras that give you the best possible holiday.

·  We’ve been booking holidays to Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Islands since 2004, and are part of the ResAfrica Group which includes other leading travel websites such as www.roomsforafrica.com.  Simply put, we’re extremely credible with an excellent reputation.

We’re here to make the entire booking process enjoyable and stress free for you.  We’re real people working in a real office in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.  You can call one of our consultants for some friendly and expert advice.  Other than that, you don’t have to do anything. We’ll take care of simply everything – including safely delivering your documents and tickets right to your door.

Here is some feedback from some of our very satisfied customers.

Tercia | April 2017

"Simply Travel have facilitated numerous island breaks for us over the years and all aspects of our travel, accommodation, pick-up, hotel recommendations and special requests have been 1st Class. Thank you Simply Travel for making our holidays so seamless at every turn."

Bernie P. | September 2016

"Our consultant provided excellent service. She was consistently professional, friendly, well-informed and helpful. We never felt rushed regarding our resort decision, but rather always received prompt, relevant and patient feedback to our enquiries etc. Our thanks to Simply Travel for making a dream holiday an effortless reality!"

Tony T. | July 2016

"Excellent service and support from Simply Travel. Good flight alternatives and options provided, good advice on various hotels unknown to ourselves prior to booking, and good communication on the lead up to the departure date. Thanks team!"

Sandy K. | March 2015

"We were very impressed with your service, as we wanted prices for about 10 different dates and our consultant was very patient and gave us quotes immediately. Our tickets were delivered to us soon after our payment was made - to our doorstep - and the arrangements done for our hotel transfers were very good and very efficient with drivers waiting for us and escorting us into the airport terminal etc. We will definitely make our next booking through Simply Travel!"

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